Good Endings

The knitting gods have smiled on me today.  Not that I’m going to get cocky or anything.

I’ve been working on the Encompass cowl, and knit myself down to the final three rows of pattern (not including the four rows of ribbing I decided to add), when I went to reach for the last ball of yarn, and there it wasn’t.  I thought I’d bought enough, but apparently, not quite.

As tantalizingly close to being done as I was, I had just a smidge of yarn left.

No way, no how, was that bit of yarn going to make it for another seven rounds.  No, my choice was either to 1) track down another skein of yarn or 2) take out the four ribbing rows, which would provide enough yarn to finish the pattern, with no ribbing on either side.

I bought the yarn months ago at my LYS.  The odds of them having another skein in the same colorway and dye lot were vanishingly small, I thought, but worth checking.  Turns out, they had one skein left.

I can’t believe my good fortune! I’ll get this cowl finished up for the Christmas gift box, and then think about how I will use the other two colorways of Cascade 220 Paints.  I’d originally planned on three Encompass cowls, but given that I’m a bit short on yarn for this pattern, I think I may take a look at a stitch dictionary and come up with some other stitch blocks to make similar, but slightly smaller cowls.  Or scarves, maybe.

This weekend, I’ll also sew up the Simplified St. Brigid so that I can focus on the collar.

I can’t wait to finish this one, and then get started on the next Aran.  I’ve ordered another sweater’s worth of 3-ply Hebridean from Virtual Yarns in Limpet.  If all goes well, that yarn will show up just as I’m finishing the St. Brigid.  It should make for fun knitting as summer turns into fall.

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