Shorter Days

As I write this, the sun has gone down.  I thought about going for a walk, as it’s still balmy outside, even in the quiet, pink stillness of sunset.  Instead, my thoughts have turned to knitting.

True, it’s still reliably up in the 90’s every day.  True, the summer vegetable harvest is going great guns (which is a good thing, considering how short our growing season is here in Colorado), and true, we’re still able to enjoy meals al fresco most evenings.  But the days are unmistakably, undeniably, getting shorter.

In August, when the season begins to turn from summer to fall, when the peas and beans are in and the lavender has been set out to dry, my thoughts turn from light, airy cobweb-weight yarn to Arans that have been too heavy and warm to even want to knit during the summer months.

I come across my winter sweaters, stored in the closet, touch them fondly, and look forward to that first sweater weather that will arrive in September.  I pull out the Aran that’s been languishing in its knitting bag ever since the summer heat set in, and begin knitting in earnest.  As the sun goes down tonight, and twilight gathers like a warm shawl about me, I will work on the St. Brigid sweater.

For those who’ve been following the St. Brigid saga, I finished the first sleeve about a month ago, but just got around to blocking it today:

I wasn’t thinking and made the sides in stockinette rather than moss stitch; by the time I realized my error, I didn’t want to go back and fix it.  Ergo, the second sleeve will be the same.  Other than that, I’m happy with it so far.

I’m well underway on the second sleeve.  With any luck at all, the sweater will be done in time for late-September sweater weather, and then I can start on a third Aran.  I’m not sure what that one will be — probably something using Starmore’s yarn, but perhaps a pattern of my own making.  That will be the third of my planned three-sweater cycle of Arans that I’ll make for myself.

In other knitterly news, I’m coming down toward the end of the Encompass cowl, and will post photos when I can.  I didn’t make as much progress as I thought on the Travelling Shawl when I was on vacation, but progress is still progress.  For now, though, I’ll focus on the St. Brigid, the better to warm myself with come fall.



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