Random Sunday

1.  I went to a friend’s daughter’s 5th birthday party today, which was really fun, although I forgot my cell phone and camera.

2.  I remembered to bring the present, though: the Painted Cables Scarf.  I knew it would find a good home with Miss Madeleine, who is a huge fan of pink and purple.  I have no cute photos to show, though, because I forgot my camera.

3.  It’s insanely hot today, so I’m taking refuge in my home office, and I probably won’t knit until it cools off later this evening.

4.  Even lightweight yarn seems unappealing at the moment.

5.  The St. Brigid sweater sleeve is coming along, but slowly.  I will post photos of that once it’s far enough along to be photogenic. I will make it shorter than what the pattern calls for, but otherwise, will not need to alter it.

6.  Not having to alter the sleeve is good, because it’s too hot for math.

7.  The Encompass cowl is also coming along nicely, and is a great project to work on during knit meet-up, Family Movie Night, or other times when I’m semi-distracted.  Photos to follow.

8.  I’m getting geared up for several weeks of travel — not continuous, but it’s going to be busy.  We’ve got two stints of college visits and a vacation at the beach coming up.

9.  I love travel, but three trips in a row may be too much of a good thing.  I expect to make a lot of progress on the Rosebud Shawl, but I have to wonder when I’ll have time to blog about it.

10.  For right now, I’m excited to have several days’ worth of fun cookouts and fireworks to enjoy.  Happy Independence Day, everyone!

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