The Scarf Begins its Travels

We’re in the thick of College Visit Season, so I’m hoping to make some decent progress on the Rosebud Shawl, which is my new travel project.  The plane rides back and forth across the country afforded me time to get the repeats going.

Thoughts so far:  The pattern is easy to knit, but the project as a whole is not as easy to deal with on the road as the Oriel Lace Scarf.  For one thing, the chart takes up more space in my small travel knitting bag than the set of 3 X 5 cards I used for the Oriel scarf.  Also, the silk yarn that I used for the Oriel scarf wound up into a small ball, whereas the yarn for the Rosebud Shawl takes up a lot more space.  And no, I’m not going to re-wind it just to make it smaller.  So, the project is less conducive to being knit in brief spurts; instead, I tend to take it out when I’m going to have larger blocks of time to work on it.

Also, I’m thinking that I may do future lace projects in silk, because I have loved wearing the silk Oriel scarf next to my skin.  The fabric has a lovely drape and is warm and comfortable.  I’ll withhold judgment until I have this shawl washed and blocked, though.

I’ll set aside the shawl for the time being, until our next college visit.  In the meantime, I started on the Yarn Harlot’s Encompass cowl:

I’m using a worsted-weight yarn for this, instead of bulky, so I cast on twice as many stitches as was called for in the pattern.  Because the admonition “join, being careful not to twist,” is merely aspirational for me when working with so many stitches, I started this in back-and-forth, k1, p1 rib and worked for two rows before joining.  I worked two more rows of ribbing before starting the pattern, and will finish with four rows of ribbing.

So far, this has been a fun pattern to knit.  Very simple, and I was able to work on this while chatting at knit meet-up, so it’s a terrific project to knit up while socializing.

While it’s been great to get these projects going, I’m only procrastinating doing the math to figure out my neckline decreases for the St. Brigid sweater.  The math is necessary because I made so many changes to the original pattern to get the sweater to fit me.  That’ll be next, and I’ll post the technical information in Ravelry, and, as usual, commentary will be here.

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