It Can’t Be Over Soon Enough

The Painted Cables Scarf was supposed to be an easy thing.  A simple project to work on during Family Movie Night or odd times when I didn’t want to pull out the charts for a complicated Aran or a lace project.  Something that would result in a fun accessory, suitable for Christmas giving.  Alas, it just isn’t meant to be, and it’s all due to the yarn.

The scarf started off well enough, with graceful transitions between pink and purple tones, and then I realized that the yarn would fall apart with a standard, rather gentle tug that I habitually take at the end of a row.  “Hmm,” I mused to myself.  “I will have to be careful about that tug.”

I moved along, and at the end of one skein, looked in vain for a good transition point from one of the other skeins, and found none.  “Fine,” I thought.  “Just transition as best you can, and be glad that the transition point will probably be along the wearer’s back shoulder.”

In the home stretch, I started the final skein, and once again searched in vain for a transition point from pink to purple.  I gradually re-wound the skein, looking for a decent transition.  Just when I thought I’d gotten close, I nearly screamed and dropped the ball in despair.  Want to know what I found instead of a transition point?

Yep.  That’s right.  No transition whatsoever.  A knot, right in the middle of the skein, tying two completely unrelated colors together.  I snipped that out, made yet another awkward (and unavoidable) color transition, sighed heavily, and went on.

I hadn’t gone much farther when I had another random yarn breakage (and I didn’t tug at all — honestly), this one leaving a very short, frayed tail that I’m going to have to sew down somehow:

All of these issues has left me with a scarf that has a number of awkward color transitions.

So, why don’t I just abandon it?  Well, it’s almost done.

A few more inches, and I’ll have an article that will be practical, even if it won’t look quite how I anticipated.

So, I’ll knock out the rest of this scarf pretty soon, just to get it off the needles.  I’ve really enjoyed knitting the pattern, yarn issues notwithstanding, so I’ll probably re-knit this using some decent yarn. This is the first time I’ve had a knitting project sabotaged by the yarn itself, and I truly hope it will be the last.  Heaven knows, I do a good job of sabotaging my projects by simply not reading the directions.  I certainly did not need this.

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