The Travelling Scarf Rests

Two and a half years’ worth of plane rides, airport tedium, hotel room monotony, and other assorted travel-related downtime were captured in my Travelling Scarf (the Oriel Lace Scarf), which is now complete.

I used my new blocking wires from Knit Picks to block the scarf (a wrap, really).

The final size came in at 19 inches by 54 inches, which was about what I was expecting. I love the silk fabric, which is soft, lightweight, and very warm. It has a lovely pearlescent glow in certain light.

Last night, my husband took my scarf and me out to dinner. We stopped at a park for the scarf’s photo session.

We’ve come a long way, the scarf and me. The scarf began as yarn resurrected from an abandoned Estonian lace scarf, re-imagined as something simpler and more practical. It’s been on innumerable trips to Washington, DC, to Hawaii, San Francisco, Sacramento, Albuquerque, Nashville, and I don’t even remember where else. It’s kept me occupied and in reasonably good humor during delays, missed connections, and other unexpected doldrums that can crop up at any time when one is on travel. Thanks to the scarf, no matter how long the delay, I could always claim some satisfaction that I’d made tangible progress on something, even if I was forced to sit in some rock-hard seat at an airport gate for far too long.

This project was an excellent travelling companion. Never much of a sock knitter — a popular travel knitting option — I needed something that could be tucked into a carry-on that is always too crowded with other necessaries to allow for a bulky sweater or other such project. 1000 yards of silk winds into a small ball, and the scarf, even when almost finished, was similarly compact. The pattern was simple and fit onto a series of 3 X 5 cards, so no complicated charts were needed.

Now, if the scarf travels with me, it will be as a lightweight, packable wrap to keep me warm on cold airplanes and such, while I knit on another travel project: The Rosebud Shawl.

The yarn for the Rosebud Shawl arrived on Thursday. I’ll swatch the pattern for the center this week, and will have things ready for my next trip in two weeks. I’m looking forward to getting to know my new travelling companion.

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