Something New

My knitting pattern for the Rosebud Shawl from Heirloom Knitting arrived on Monday, in a nice, big letter mailer from the UK.  I enjoy receiving packages from the UK, because, for one thing, they’re always knitting-related, and for another, they arrive with various exotic-looking stickers and stamps, courtesy British Airmail and customs.  The exotic nature of the packaging just adds to my general excitement about new knitting materials.

Going through the materials for a new knitting project — winding the yarn, reviewing the pattern, marking up the charts — is a lot like surveying my garden plot in February:  That time is replete with possibilities.  In February, I’ve had no issues with poor germination, marauding rabbits, hail, early frosts, or any of the other misfortunes that plague gardeners.  No, in my own mind, I can believe everything the garden catalogs have told me about high yield and drought and pest resistance.  In February, my garden is perfect.  Similarly, when I’m getting geared up for a new knitting project, I can believe that it’s going to turn out just the way I wanted it to:  There’s no mismatched sleeves, unexplained changes in gauge, or drastic ripping-back that must be done.  While finishing a project may be the most fulfilling time in my knitterly life, starting one is always the most hopeful time.

So, as soon as my evening chores were through and I had a few moments, I opened the pattern envelope to find a nice postcard written to me from the pattern designer, a card with some samples of yarn, and the pattern, which consisted of twelve pages of through, well-written instructions and charts that are large enough to read without further enlargement.

The pattern looks reasonably straightforward — the center will be easy enough for me to work on as a travel project.  I’m not looking forward to doing the Kitchener stitch to attach the borders, but I think I’ll prefer it to picking up and knitting the border in the round.  In any event, I can delay that decision for now.

I’ve made a copy of the pattern to mark up, and placed the original for safekeeping in my knitting notebook.  I’m hoping that the yarn will arrive soon, so that I can begin swatching and playing with it.  Until then, I’ve got a little bit more to do on the Oriel Lace Scarf before I can call that one done and get it blocked.

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