Neither As Good, Nor As Bad, As Things Could Be

This post isn’t going to be what I hoped it would be, but it won’t be as melodramatic as I feared, either.

I brought my Travelling Scarf with me on a short business trip, as I usually do. Once we were up in the air, I pulled it out and began working on the next repeat. I’m 48 inches into what I plan will be a 60 inch scarf (the Oriel Lace Scarf, for those keeping track). So, I figured that by the end of this little excursion, I might have the whole thing knocked off, or at least have the end in sight for next month’s trip. Alas, that was not to be.

I knit for about the first hour of the flight before I realized I’d made several mistakes. “No problem,” I thought. “I’ll tink back for a re-do.” I tinked back and re-knit the offending row. No dice. Same mistakes. I tinked again. Same mistakes again. A third time. Yup. Mistakes still there. The problem was actually several rows back, and involved quite a number of stitches and three different places in the pattern. I must have made the errors when I began knitting. The entire knitting session, then, was a complete waste of time. There would be no happy blog entry with a photo of a completed project this week. No, more like a discussion about how I had to use a lifeline when I ripped back all of this slippery, lace-weight silk. I put the knitting away, grumpily, and sulked for the last half-hour of the flight.

Today, I pulled out the knitting and my emergency sewing kit, intending to thread in a lifeline using the only materials I had available. Before I did, I decided to take one more stab at salvaging the mistakes. I was able to come up with a passable solution to the mistakes using a number of make-ones and k2togs in strategic places.

So, no lifeline or melodramatic hotel room ripping-back of slippery silk. But I have will have made minimal progress on the scarf on this trip.

I’m hoping the flight home will be more productive.

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