Busy Times

I’d like for this to be a post in which I report lots of progress on the St. Brigid sweater and my other ongoing projects.  I’d like for that to be, but it won’t because the rest of my life is encroaching on my knitting time, and will continue to do so for several weeks.  Things I’m doing instead of knitting:

1.  Prom preparations for the older son: Took the tux that the menfolk in my family share and had it altered (in a way that can be undone, when needed) to fit him better.

2.  Birthday preparations for the younger son: Made pudding and Oreo “dirt cups,” complete with gummi worms, for tonight’s pizza party and sleepover.  I also am making Emergency Blender Cupcakes for his actual birthday on Thursday.

3.  Research for a new blender, after the 45-year-old GE blender crapped out making the Emergency Blender Cupcakes.

4.  Filling out medical forms the boys will need to have for summer camps, which I’ll take when they have their physicals this week.

5. Gearing up for a busy week of track meets, school play, and Easter-related celebrations.

6. Filling in for my boss for a second week while he’s on a much-deserved vacation.  Whatever they’re paying him, it isn’t enough.

So, it’s all fun stuff, but I’m making only incremental progress on knitting right now.  If I have any measurable progress to report next week, I’ll post photos.

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