I continue to make slow progress on the St. Brigid sweater.  Slower than I’d like, but progress nevertheless.  I’m a fairly slow knitter, and my attention is divided among many pursuits (and several knitting projects), so I’m pleased with about any tangible progress.  I’m still on the back, but will be done with the second repeat soon.

In other knitterly news, I finished the re-knit of the Melbourne Pullover back at the knitting meetup last weekend.  I’d knit it small on purpose, given that the first iteration grew when I put it in the bath.  This time, the blocked measurements were perfect, so I’m off and running on the sweater front now.

I’m also working on the Painted Cables Scarf by Tina Sanders, which is in my 2011 Knitting Calendar.

Looks great, huh?  Well, the scarf is coming along nicely, but I won’t be using this yarn again.  I was knitting along when I realized a few stitches were loose, so I gave the yarn a little tug, and here’s what happened:

It came right apart, and I had to tink back the whole row.  The yarn has practically no twist to it, so it cannot seem to tolerate even a little bit of pulling.  The colors are lovely, but the yarn is so fragile and splits so easily that it’s hardly worth the trouble.


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