The Travelling Scarf

One of my projects is my Travelling Scarf.  The pattern is the Oriel Lace Scarf/Stole by Anne Carroll Gilmour, available here.  I’m knitting it in 2-ply laceweight silk, and it’s therefore very light and portable, so I take it with me on trips everywhere.  It’s sort of a physical manifestation of the tedium of travel-related wait time recaptured in yarn, and has been my companion in airports, on airplanes, in cars, and hotels all around the country.  Depending on what sorts of knitting deadlines I’m dealing with, I may take other projects with me on my travels, but I try to work on this one, at least a little bit, every time I’m away from home.

The pattern is complex enough to require a certain amount of attentiveness, and is therefore a pleasant distraction from various minor inconveniences of travel, but is not so complex that I fear I’ll miss my flight because I was concentrating too hard on it and didn’t hear my boarding call.

I travel just a few times a year for work or fun, so the scarf is coming along, but slowly.  Although progress hasn’t been terribly quick, I do enjoy looking at it and thinking about all the places I’ve been with it, and where I’m likely to take it before it’s finished.

I’m packing up the Travelling Scarf yet again — destination: California.  The flight’s not particularly long, but I still hope to make some progress on it.

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