Hooded Baby Blanket

I’ve gotten about an inch done on the St. Brigid sweater, but I’ve set it aside temporarily to work on a project for my brother and sister-in-law’s baby. It’s a hooded blanket (really, like a hooded bath towel) from Reynolds, available here.  The pattern was intended for use with Reynolds Blossom, but I’m using Plymouth Dreamland Fancy, in color 6105, which has the advantage of being gender-neutral, plus it looks a little like sea glass when held in sunlight:

I switched from St. Brigid to this project because 1) I’ve been sidelined with some sort of virus, and about all I can handle right now is garter stitch (although I don’t trust myself completely with that right now), and 2) the baby is due in just a few weeks.

The Dreamland Fancy is a lot like Blossom in that it knits up cushy, sort of like fluffy terry cloth.  The bad news?  When I mistakenly purled a row and realized it about an inch later (I told you I wasn’t feeling well, right?), it was nearly impossible to rip back gracefully and put back on the needles.

Other than that mishap, this is knitting up nicely, and is a fast, easy gift project that I can work on when I’m compromised by a virus.

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