St. Brigid, Simplified

I’m starting a new sweater today, which I’m calling St. Brigid, Simplified.  Why Simplified?  Well, I have a rather unpleasant combination of a large knitting gauge and a small (5-foot) frame, so Aran sweaters always require a certain amount of re-drafting to get them to fit like something more elegant than a Coleman tent.

The pattern is based on Alice Starmore’s St. Brigid sweater, from her book, Aran Knitting, and will use her 3-ply Hebridean yarn from Virtual Yarns in Lapwing. Due to the math involved with the redraft, I have to swatch, block, and measure every component pattern diligently:

Swatches C and E

Swatch D, the center panel

Swatch B

Swatch A (seed stitch)

Next, I marked up my charts to use while knitting.  Because the lines on cable charts tend to be too small for easy reading (for me, anyway), I mark them up with shorthand notations, some of which are conventional and some that I made up:

When I measured my swatches, I determined that if I knit the pattern as written, I’d have a sweater so large that it wouldn’t fit any human I knew.  For the body, then, I decided to knit the center panel (D) and two side scrolls (C and E), separated by 4-stitch cable ropes (which I’ll call F).  This modification should give me a sweater that’s about 18 1/2 inches across, which is perfect for me.  Oh, and I’ll add in an extra stitch on both sides for ease of seaming, too:

The sleeves won’t require much change from what’s in the book:

So, off I go to cast on!

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